The Bar

Golden Plover – 4%
Award winning golden ale made using the finest pale barley malt to give a clean and refreshing taste. Citrus hop flavour and an enticing floral aroma.

Sponsored by The General Havelock Inn & Graham Reader

Sycamore Gap – 4.1%
Pale Ale, lemon & grapefruit flavours , hopped with Lemondrop hops

Sponsored by Karpet Mills

Wagtail – 3.8%
 A floral aroma, hints of seville orange and spiced dried fruit, with biscuit and toffee notes .

Sponsored by Shotton Waste Services

Gallia – 3.7%
Light, easy drinking golden ale. Mosaic hops give a complex fruit flavour leading to a sharp lime finish from the Olicana hops
Sponsored by The Crown, Humshaugh