Beneficiaries of the 2024 Festival

Each year our all the profits from our events goes to support local good causes and charities.  This year our main benefactors is:

Chrysalis Club Tynedale

Chrysalis Club Tynedale is a small local charity helping families to live well with dementia. The charity is mostly volunteer run. Dementia can be a devastating illness for a family to cope with, with loss of memory and orientation for the person with dementia, and slow deterioration of a loved one for the informal carer or partner. Couples can become isolated, embarrassed by unusual behaviour in social settings, and carers have to cope with sleepless nights and repetitive questions. Chrysalis is one of the few organisations who supports the whole family. For the people with dementia (our members) we provide stimulating activities and social opportunities in a safe environment; we aim to make our members feel valued and give them self-worth as well as encouraging them to have fun. Their partners (or carers) are supported in various ways including offering vital short-term respite while their partner is happily occupied (the fact their partner is happily occupied helps with any guilt they feel for needing time to themselves!). The other support for carers we offer includes a monthly carer support group where they can swap stories or offer useful tips with other carers; just the fact they are amongst their peers who understand the problems they are experiencing helps them enormously. We offer subsidised professional counselling to carers. Chrysalis runs a carers’ information course annually where professionals speak. These include a solicitor talking about power of attourneys wills and trusts; a psychiatrist; a GP; a benefits expert, and someone from social services. These speakers are complimented by contact details for other organisations in the area who may be able to help. We also support carers once the person they are caring for dies or goes into residential care, by providing social outings to encourage them out into the wider community again. We have a great band of local volunteers including young people wanting to ‘put something on their CV’, retired people (some of whom are former carers), and women wanting to get back into work after bringing up children and needing a reference. Chrysalis would not survive without their support; they give their time tirelessly. Chrysalis, in turn, supports them and is pleased to do so. Some are lonely, some coping with bereavement, some need confidence, others need a reference or proof they have attended regularly. Chrysalis is such a happy place to be for them; it is very rewarding seeing them gain in confidence. Chrysalis Club Tynedale Unit 1, Dene Park, Corbridge Road, Hexham, NE46 1HN 01434 408080 Registered Charity 1166880 We are based on Corbridge Road in Hexham. We have renovated a building there and turned it into a warm and welcoming, safe place. This has proved a success for our members and carers, but there are overheads to be met, which would be where some of the money raised for us by Haydon Bridge Festival would be spent. We would also put money towards our hardship fund and for subsidising counselling for carers. We also subsidise trips and outings, which give families living with dementia an opportunity to socialise in the wider community but with some subtle support. Any monies received through your charity would be put towards these subsidies. Chrysalis receives no statutory funding and relies on contributions from trust funds, local businesses and donations from organisations such as yours. Thank you so much for thinking of Chrysalis; please be assured the funds will be spent wisely. Rosie Robson-Tinsley Chair

Festival Information

All drinks must be purchased with tokens.

No cash will be accepted at the bar.

Tokens will be available for purchase at the entrance at all times.

Tokens are non-refundable.

You are not permitted to bring your own food or alcoholic beverages into the Festival.

Alcohol will only be served to adults confirmed over 18 years old by
the security staff and issued with a wristband.

Children under the age of 18 are permitted to enter the Festival free of charge.  

No Children under 18 will be permitted access after 8pm and no children under 18 are permitted inside the Marquee after 9pm.

Bar staff will not serve alcohol to anyone without a wristband.

The festival organisers/security staff withhold the right to refuse access or ask persons to leave the festival if they are considered a threat to security or to disturb other festival attendees.

Please use the bins provided to keep the site clean.

The marquee is a no smoking and no vaping area.


The Festival closes at 11.15pm, please leave the premises in a quiet and orderly fashion to show respect to our neighbours.

Thanks for your co-operation & support

We hope you have a great time.

Haydon Bridge United FC

Our Festival is held in the ground of Haydon Bridge United Football Club.  They provide excellent footballing facilities and currently have 14 teams from the Development Squad (4-6 year olds), Under 7’s to Under 15’s including a girl’s team and 2 senior teams including the recently formed Haydon Bridge Ladies FC.  They play their football across the region, for further information click on the link below.